15 feet from me, straight through the window is a bird table. It is replete with seeds and bags of peanuts. But the birds has spotted that we own a cat and aside from a few starlings it is seldom visited – in contrast to next doors much higher table. This morning the squirrel found it. I haven’t sat so still for ages. As soon as it appeared I froze and watched it – in clear close view – and it went up and down to eat the nuts, sat on top of the table, hung upside down off the edge while nibbling through the mesh of the peanut bag, balanced from the main vertical pole using it’s tail to counterbalance while it chewed away. It was there for at least 10 minutes. The dog then came through past the main window which spooked the little grey visitor who shot off – but he returned to continue about 5 minutes later. Fascinating to watch the little guy so closely and for so long. Tomorrow I’ll buy more bags – peanut destruction is but a short time away I’m sure.

And in other news, I finally got fed up with the link clutter everywhere so here has had a cull, my bookmarks have been cleansed and FeedDemon has also had a good shakedown. A necessary job every once in a while. All the WP2.0 installs have gone too – if you want to see it closer to / after release let me know – it was getting to be boring using svn all over the place which is why I dropped it. And there is other news but I can’t speak about it for a few days. Nothing secret exactly, nor groundbreaking, just that it needs organising and I need to remember to organise it some more – hence me writing it down.

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  1. I often watch the same occurance at my finances parents house in Argyll, Scotland. It uses the exact same approach of hanging upside down to get to the mesh bags of peanuts. However, the squirrel I am watching is red.

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