Speeding up compensation

There is always someone suing someone else it seems. It’s a culture that means if someone else gets hurt it was an “accident” but if it’s you “it’s the fault of someone else who shall be sued to teach them a lesson”. So we have this ridiculous compensation culture.

I read his blog and now I’m mentally scarred for life so I’m going to sue the blogger to make him see the error of his ways ! and the money will make me better. It’ll remove all the mental scarring and I shall return miraculously to my pre-blog reading life

But we also have people who say that they do not wish to sue for the money, it really IS for the principle. Now with every cause there are people who believe in it, and those who tag along because it makes their life easier. I do think that there genuinely are people who think suing is the correct thing to do because only then will an organisation take notice – and my years as a nurse bears this out. It focuses the attention of a company if for no other reason that the negative impression that is attached to them by the press, other companies and people. So we have 3 groups of people:
– I am going to sue to make pots of money
– I am going to sue but pretend I don’t want the money
– I am going to sue and I really don’t give a damn about the money
I think we should praise this last group. They really are engaging in altruistic behaviour of a high order. And to recognise this they should get faster service:
“I want to sue”
“After money from the company / person / country / anyone or thing else ?”
“Great, see you in court next Monday”
The burden of proof should be ever so slightly less – because the company will not be subject to an fiscal penalty they shouldn’t mind – directors can still get their shiny new motors – but the negative publicity should be greater – whoops ! No shiny motors!
We should help the people who are going through more emotions purely to make a point, to make our world better, to get closure for themselves and to move on. We should not have a judicial system that clogs up genuine good intentions. Fast track these people. But we then have a problem with what to do with people that do want cash. I suppose this can be divided because cash – while nice – doesn’t make things better does it ? So we have:
– I want to sue to get rich
– I want to sue to teach the company / person / country / anyone or thing else a lesson
Now, only a complete fool would admit to the first wouldn’t they ? So that lumps everyone into the second. They want someone to pay – but they don’t want to get rich. So how about that in these cases, all money awarded is given to a charity ? The person suing is happy they won, the company was taught their lesson and a charity benefits. This seems to have an additional benefit too – the number of people seeking to sue would drop overnight. An added bonus would be that the TV and radio would be devoid of those awful “Slip trip of fall in a public place ? You need us” type crap that either has that blonde thing who really should have stayed with her last haircut or the old guy who looks just like how I imagined Jaggers to be. It’s not a perfect system but I’m sure it’s better than what we have right now.

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