That Google 403 problem

I got a 403 from using the Firefox searchbar. I got a normal result from the webpage. I had FasterFox installed, but uninstalling it had no effect. Uninstalling various things had no effect so I nuked the lot – every damn thing – including the registry entries. A reinstall has cured the problem – but it’s a major PITA redoing a browser. All the saved passwords, logins, plugins, plugin settings – serious things are browsers.

3 thoughts on “That Google 403 problem

  1. I had a similar experience and blogged about it as well. A few comments left by some readers were to:
    1) clear the cache in my browser(this helped only a little)
    2) One commentor suggested that it was the actual search phrase. Some phrases that could be phpbb related, can trip the 403 error.

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