Drive advice ?

I’ve looked but cannot find the answers to this one. I have a HD that is connected to this machine but is not always switched on. This gives two problems:

  1. When turning the drive on, Windows scans it then pops open the “What shall I do with this lot” window. Despite my experimenting with all the settings and checking the “Take No Action” selection, it still pops up. Annoying.
  2. The drive is shared on the home network. Not that it makes any difference but the root is shared and anyone can do anything to it. But Windows does not remember this from one switch-on to the next. So I need to redo it.

Not big problems, just niggly. I’d like it to just start and remember what it was all like last time. Can it really be so hard ?

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  3. Open up My Computer, right-click on your USB drive and select Properties. On the Autoplay tab, select the content type (mixed files for most people), and in the Actions list, select to “Open folder to view files using Windows Explorer”. Click Apply, then click OK.

    One caveat to this: If the letter assigned to your USB drive changes (which can happen if you plugin another USB device), then the default Autoplay settings will be reset.

    Or just pay attention the first time I said it… 😉

  4. 🙂 I did Gordon, I did 🙂
    Thing is, I want it to do nothing at all. I just want this machine and the drive to quietly acknowledge each other and then for the extra HD to sit there as an obedient slave until it is called to perform a duty – and the damn thing just will not obey.

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