Matt met me!

The alliteration is better like that 😉

I’m in Starbucks and this woman passes me. Attractive lady and we caught each other’s eye. One of those momentary but a tiny fraction of a second too long glances. A few minutes later as she gets up to leave we lock eyes again. She speaks…
Paul ?
– Pardon me ?
Are you Paul ?
– No… sorry, I’m not called Paul
Oh, okay
and she leaves. Strange that she thinks a friend of hers looks like me. And after she had gone I realised my colossal error….I replay the scene correctly:
Paul ?
– Yes, I’m Paul
Oh where have you been all my life ? Come to me, take me, I’m yours, all yours
… yeah, well, she really was attractive !

Not too long after that Paul appeared (another Paul, unrelated to the lady earlier afaik) and then Mumbles and his ‘random guy’ friend and then Khaled. Matt and I had exchanged phone numbers by email this morning at about 5am (when Matt says “Do you have any plans for lunch?” – not at 5am I didn’t !) but I couldn’t get him. Khaled figured the number and got through. Matt was going to be a while. At the pub, Mike turned up and Matt wasn’t so far behind. From there it was pretty much full on blogging talk. Matt talked all about WP2.0, 2.7 and 4.2, Khaled chatted all about Shuttle and many other secret plans and there was much geek talk. Food was had. Off to another bar where we chatted until the time came to saunter home – very posh bar. All city types making an incredible racket – I was TOTALLY out of place on whatever criteria you could use. Still, they survived my presence. Much thanks to Khaled for knowing where things were and guiding us all around and for taking the time to get me to the right Underground station so I could get the bus back (Megabus++. So a very pleasant day – I can put names to faces, voices to words and characters to opinions now – and in this text-on-a-screen age, that’s a damn good thing.

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