The beast in the fog

The clouds definitely got lazy around here tonight and descended en masse, reducing visibility severely – you know it must be bad when even the cars are going slowly on the M1. Beast and me needed our walk though. You know it’s amazing just how much is actually MY dog now. Not just mine in that I do all the walking of him, but mine as in he listens to me, obeys me (to a point) and how much he has chosen me but then all pets own their owners don’t they (to a point with dogs. They are such subservient scavenging beasts and that is one aspect I just do not like – they will always obey and while that is a good thing when the beast is as large as <Lenny Henry>Winston</Lenny Henry> (good grief – quoting LH means I AM old. I always quite fancied Jennifer Saunders more than Dawn French though…) it does demean them doesn’t it ?). So, out we wander. He bounds ahead on the super-extending lead and hits an icy patch. From a noble dog used by the posh folk of yesteryear to a sprawling mass of legs and ears in one leap – quite an achievement ! The fog was bugging him though – he was stopping and looking much more – and then we went to cross the A46. Again. For the nth time in his life so far. Halfway across he sees a juggernaut coming from an adjoining road to join the M1. But all he (we) could see were the lights. And that spooked the beast of little brain. It spooked him so much he grew roots. Into tarmac. I practically had to draw him pictures of what the fog was doing and what it was really like before he would move. Backwards. If I didn’t know better I’d say he really really loves this house. And I’m sure my arms should be the same length. I surpassed my stride distance though ! I’ll know how much he loves me tomorrow night ….

Last time I took a day away from the machine, I got back to 2 emails asking if I was dead. There’s a lesson somewhere in there. And I’m the one with the big lobes in Starbucks, Covent Garden drinking black coffee tomorrow from lunchtime 🙂

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