Saw the first episode of Space Cadets last night. Very very funny. Lots of reviews all over the place but I liked this line in the Telegraph: They are not so much the Right Stuff as the Not-So-Bright Stuff. I liked that immediately after saying they were after the ‘most suggestible’ candidates they qualified that veiled insult by saying that such people were the most creative – but illustrated that by showing them just making things up (the face of Boy George in a made up random dots / Rorshach test) in an effort to please and follow the crowd rather than actually being creative in the true sense.
Also – big cluebat whack to the back of the skull here people – since when has Johnny Vaughan been involved in anything serious ? I mean, had the group of people been either very young or very old you could forgive them for not knowing who he was, but they are all in the right demographic… and even the ad they showed at the start had the Endemol logo .. duh.
It’s going to be essential viewing here purely for the cruelty factor.

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