I don’t hoard information, never have, never will. I regularly cull emails, I delete old / unused / superceded files on the machine here and I archive only what I’d really miss. It’s all very disposable – the original tagline for this blog was “It’s a blog, it’s disposable” (or something very close to that). So here I am with over 300gig of space on this machine and the HD next to it, with as much webspace as I probably want – and I’m deleting stuff. Why ? Because it’s not used. It’s gathering dust and because of that it serves no purpose. So off it goes. 2 subdomains, 4 other blogs used for various things, numerous files and databases. Or maybe it’s because I like 404’s.

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5 thoughts on “Deleting

  1. I don’t delete emails. I burn all my photos to CD and DVD regularly. I’m taking to preserving more and more of my electronic documents.

    Having read Subverting your home directory, I’m intrigued by the idea of seeing what my computing life may have been like at a specific point in the past. The practical value of such an exercise is completely zero, until you find that you really do need something you’ve deleted.

  2. I think part of my attitude is do to with where me and J are and where we were. We also live very much in the present and looking back serves little purpose. I do get the “I wonder what I knew” stuff – but then even if I did look at assembler now I’d not have a clue (although I do know I commented blocks of code !)

    If it were real letters would I keep them ? No.. which is why I don’t now. But they aren’t and storage is cheap so why not ? We both have the best of our worlds 🙂

  3. Because what I write here is a running commentary.
    What I delete is something in and of itself. I don’t need to keep impersonal emails from a revcycling group, emails from wordpress lists, files that I created for a use that now matters not. They are digital detritus to me, whereas this – if it’s anything – is a ribbon through my life / thoughts / emotions.
    J told me the other day that my eldest daughter spent some time recently reading this site .. that matters 🙂

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