PTFE, lobes and an image

Yesterday a friend’s site was hacked. She asked me to take a look while it was all still there to try and establish how they did it. Apart from the server access log not going back to the time of the entry there was nothing wrong. Permissions were fine. Datestamps were fine yet they had got in, deleted all the posts and planted their ‘message’. Included in this was a short video clip from a site called (and I am not linking it) w w w o g r i s h c o m. There is a strong warning before you enter that but consider it as extremely NSFW. You do not want that in your work’s browser history. The video clip, judging by the filename, was related to the Chechen war. It was a beheading with a knife and was shockingly graphic and very disturbing. And that image I cannot shake from my mind. It replayed a lot yesterday and even today, over 18 hours later it still pops into my mind. It’s not that we all don’t know these things happen, it’s not that I have not seen graphically shocking images before so … maybe it was the unexpectedness.. horrific images though. In the light of that, given my friend was using what I would consider a decent password (8 random letter / number characters) I am increasing all mine. There may well be another explanation as to why this happened but it’s beyond me how this happened, so from now every password that works on this site is something like this: KLDCoRYzNFUq0OOjQ42D (and no, that’s not one used. You think I’m that stupid ? 😉 ) Maybe that’s extreme but hey, why not ?

Ever taken a bicycle tyre off ? And when you put it back on it goes fine until the last bit which is really hard to get back into the groove ? Well my lobes are like that. They are at marginally over 20mm wide and the new wood plugs are around 21 and a bit. But the flared edge on the plugs is closer to 23mm hence the tyre analogy. So the first stage of wrapping wodges of PTFE around an existing plug begins today, that coupled with lots of massaging ..

6 thoughts on “PTFE, lobes and an image

  1. I’m also in the process of PTFEing and can I get the bloody stuff to stick? Got some lovely new glittery pyrex plugs at 16mm that are just ever so slightly too big to just slip in. They were a bargain at £2.22 a pair from Wildcat, but the buffalo horn ones I ordered (not included in the sale) were shit – awful silver work and they’ve sent two different sized plugs – one is at least 2mm bigger than the other!

  2. Jayne: Moisturiser, vigorous massaging and pulling of lobes plus and extra push or 6 got them in 🙂

    Skippy: I’ve added punctuation before but on one occasion the password threw the system for some reason so that’s why I upped the number of letters. I am looking at the Keepass options though – thanks for the tip 🙂

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