4 thoughts on “The US Death Penalty

  1. The 3 executed are:

    1. Timothy McVeigh : Oklahoma City bomber; tried for murder.

    2. Juan Raul Garza : tried for murder under Federal statutes relating to a special “drug kingpin” status.

    3. Louis Jones, Jr. : convicted of the abduction, rape and murder of a US servicewoman. It became a federal case because Jones (a former soldier himself) kidnapped his victim from a military base, which falls under Federal jurisdiction.

    Interesting notes: first 3 Federal executions since 1963, occurring from 2001-present.

    There are few Federal crimes that are punishable by death. The US Constitution itself explicity mentions only a couple: treason and piracy. However, murder and kidnapping, when they occur in certain situations, are also covered by Federal law (but not the Con.)..in Timothy McVeigh’s case, he blew up and killed 150+ people in a Federal building, Jones committed his acts on a military installation, and Garza was ‘drug overlord’ whose murders of rivals fell under Federal statutes (probably enacted during the 1980s’ ‘War on Drugs’.)

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