At 6 months

On 21 July I posted the picture here. He’s grown a bit since. Winston now weighs in at 49kg / 108lbs / 7st 10 and his shoulder is above my knee (and I’m 6ft 2in).
He is not finished growing …. (and I’ll try to get another picture).

He would like to chase bikes, is spooked by the low rumble of slow moving juggernauts, doesn’t quite yet understand that everyone else in the world may not love him, can put his head straight onto the dining table without stretching, ran inside the other day when it started snowing on him, loves horses and can stand and stare at them for ages. He also goes to dog training class every sunday – he is the equivalent of the pupil at the back of the class falling asleep.

And …. as if I didn’t know and despite all my protests to the contrary at the time and all the promises I was given, it’s down to me to walk him and exercise him everyday. Each time he sees me with my boots on and a coat he thinks it’s time for a walk. He asked for a walk two days ago – he lifted his paw and ‘asked’. Trouble was that his paw landed right between my legs – the females in the house found this hilarious. I did not and the first part of the walk was considerably slower.

Ah well…. time for “Heel!” training ….

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  1. @ Cameron:

    As the owner of a Chocolate Lab who is “semi-trained” I have to say that with dogs of size there comes a certain amount of strength. As such, when my dog wants to go out for a stroll, she usually walks me, not the other way around. My little girl is only about 65 pounds, I can only imagine trying to restrain a dog of that size Mark… Yikes.

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