To the idiot on UPB

My post is now number ONE on Google UK and It beats the actual place itself – both when searched just as the school and as the school with the district.
For your simple mind this means that if anyone drops the name of your school into Google, they will see my result first. I have a part finished draft post. I also have around 20 choice quotes from usenet. You may be able to dismiss them to others on usenet (those that do not have you killfiled because of your puerile behaviour) and you may be able to justify them to yourself. How many times do you want to justify them to a parent ? How many times do you want your employers to justify them ? How many times until they get fed up of doing it ? Remember, I’m not going to print untruths. I am not going to fabricate anything – all I will be doing is transferring public postings from the relatively unsearched, possibly obscure to many people, usenet to the wonder that is the WWW. For that I cannot be touched. I would imagine that even you – the idiot – know what needs to happen for me to NOT publish that post. Do you ?

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