Matt. London. WordPress. 9 December.

A week on Friday Matt will be wandering around London. Where shall we tell him to bump into us ?
In the initial post, there were two definite suggestions:

Fancyapint is a good site for finding places to meet. One of my favorites is The George Inn, Borough which has loads of outside meeting space and good drinks

How about anywhere in Brick Lane?
It’s a short walk from Liverpool Street, lots of places to eat. Great for a curry, not expensive (well.. as expensive as you want it to be).

Where ? When ? Who will be there / is hoping to be there ?

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  1. Brick Lane is only limited if you stay in one part of it. Its damn long!

    Plus its REALLY easy access, and there are lots of other places to move to/from in that area. The new complex nearby at Spitalfields Market is top notch (and good eats there too).

    Basically I’m just suggesting that whole area – there is so much to choose from.

  2. I definitely will be there. I’ve booked a day off work to travel down on Friday afternoon.

    I know next to nothing about London, so I have no recommendations for venue. Nor do I have any preferences.

    As I am travelling from Manchester, I am looking to stay overnight if I can find somewhere cheap enough. Does anyone have any recommendations? Just a bed for the night, nothing fancy required.

  3. You don’t think that the Circle line Hammersmith & City Line, Central, etc (ie.. Liverpool Street, one of the most major stations in London, have anything near them?

    Wow… you know nothing about London nightlife do you? 😉

    Anywhere in the “city” means reeeeally easy access – both tube and bus – if you move a little west of the city you have Soho and the tourist trap hell of the west end. Further out west and north there are some nice places, but they have less acess and there are less of them. The city is used to 10,000 20-30something bankers/traders/etc decending on it when they are bored.

    Anyhow, wherever ends up the final location I would recomend that it is within the Circle line, an ideally near the Central line. Getting to any of those lines is easy, and most people comming in from out of London will have no problem (Victoria, Paddington, Kings-Cross, and Liverpool St are all on the Circle, and the Central runs right through the Circle).

    Mike – Cheap accomodation can be found in Earls Court, really cheap (£10 at a shitty hostel), if you don’t mind sharing. Really depends on your budget though, you can find a nice B&B closer into the center for less than £40, just google search for “London B&B” or similar.

  4. Greg, why go to Bricklane which is close to SOHO, when we can be IN soho. I’m thinking past 12:30. The bus system in and around that area is rubbish and you know it. The circle line is the village line and the hammersmith and city line comes around once a friggin year. I was there last week, which is why I can tell you these things conclusively :).

    I vote Soho. Greg seems keen on Bricklane. What does everyone else think?

  5. I worked at the other end of the Hammersmith & City, I know what you mean. Still you are only dealing with 1 every 10mins tops 😉

    As for Soho – its crap, crowded, overpriced, and awful food. That’s why I’d avoid it. Unless you are looking for bars/nightclubs, then it makes sense.

    That’s why I suggested Brick Lane – its pretty central, but good food, and if we move on its easy to move to good clubs/pubs (like the ones in Soho). Its not so much that I’m keen on Brick Lane as very against Soho – as for a meal its just a plain bad idea. Especially as Mark has to go before most of the decent places open in Soho (well.. 7pmish). Other than that your looking at the little tourist nibble places.

    Mark – 19:20? Owch. No late nights for you 😉

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