Numbness and a Router

For the past 2-3 weeks I’ve had a numbness on my left hand. Little finger mainly, some of the ring finger, down the outside edge of the hand to the wrist. It feels slightly odd – but only slightly – from there to the elbow. Hand weakness is present too. Very odd. It wouldn’t seem to be RSI, it could concievably be posture as this would coincide with the house move and googling shows little of note. Odd.

Following my post about Sygate, I decided to try the router firewall. All is good except for Syncback – it’s being blocked. Uses port 21 and even if I explicitly open that – which I don’t need when using Filezilla or puTTY – it doesn’t work. And the router has no logs. Clever … so I’m waiting for a Belkin person to ring me back with hopefully a solution.

And it’s snowing here. At last. Though at the rate it’s coming down we could have days of this and it wouldn’t cover the ground. Bugger.

And I said ‘Odd’ thee times in that first bit. Must find another word.

5 thoughts on “Numbness and a Router

  1. The Numbness you describe is akin to Carpel Tunnel Syndrome/Vibration white finger. I would say it’s the foremost Mark. I get the very same symptoms. Lynn has had 3 operation for it and still no better.

    I stopped using Sygate when I got my Linksys Router. Excellent and easy to configure the ports. Plus it has the all important logs 🙂

    No snow here,just up the road from you a bit. Though very cold.

    Odd indeed 😛

  2. A simple conductivity test at hospital would confirm CTS, but then you have to get on the waiting list first.or Vibration WF is a circulatory disease which can be detected by Doppler scan of hands, Think, just because your right had is the mouse hand does not mean your left hand is not effected when typing. Do you support your wrists whilst typing ?

  3. I used to get a numbness and strage sensations in my left arm / hand / little finger when I used to sit badly at my desk. It got worse when I was playing the guitar. At one point I had to give up playing for a while.

    It came right when I swapped desks.

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