Getting closer with Knoppix

Tried the LiveCD again … running lspci -vt shows that it can see the chips inside the wifi card (it shows Broadcom) so it’s obviously something else – cardbus controller ? The linux forum post (I’ve forgotten where) said to try setpci -s 0:14.4 subordinate_bus=03 if the value was not 3. Mine was 4 but I got some error message about being unable to open some file somewhere. Hmm.. what I need to do is sit the machines together and try that way – but it’s so fragmented out there (/me points to the internet) that I need to know what I’m after first. Or I could email the guy who seems to be in charge of the Leicester LUG and see if it’s acceptable to saunter along, slide my machine toward someone with much knowledge and say “Please” while proffering beverages 🙂

One thought on “Getting closer with Knoppix

  1. I think linux users like drink, otherwise you can generally safely rely on the premis that they(we?) are all such foaming rabid fan children of the revolution that as a matter of pride noone will rest until the whatever works.

    I usually find when begging for help I get berated at several stages in the process, and there is much **sighing** at the choice of distribution used, and “you know I’d have installed [package x] rather than this rubbish” is a common phrase to be heard mumbled from the beardy undergrowth.

    If you can tune out these signs of techies doing their thing (and maintaining their own pride, shy beasts at the best of times as they tend to be), 9 times out of 10 you’ll end up with functioning “stuff”

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