Norton kill Sygate

I mentioned this a while ago – Symantec buying Sygate – and said that the makers of that fine example of bloat – Norton – would ruin a perfectly good firewall. Whoops ! Got that wrong ! No, Symantec are killing off the free firewall. On a business level they may be right. And on a user-level not using any of their products you too would be right (removing all the Norton crap from any machine I’m asked to look at is always step #1). So, the Sygate firewall is good. The Symantec one is not. The Sygate one is free. The Symantec one is too if you know where to look (but it’s still crap). Download your Sygate code now .. while you can.

5 thoughts on “Norton kill Sygate

  1. I just read about this on Digg and I’m righteously annoyed. I like to think I know a bit about security and my firewall of choice on windows (if I use a software one) is Sygate. I’d never have any Symatec shite on any of my computers. These are the same people who market anti-virus packages for OS X … which doesn’t have virii. And their rationale?

    “Well it helps so you don’t pass on any virus to Windows users”


  2. Kerio is now bloated apparently (version of choice 2.15) and the other free stuff is slowly but surely disappearing. As an experiment I’m running the router’s firewall. I’m fully ‘stealthed’ and haven’t noticed anything untoward but I’m keeping the software handy 🙂

  3. Seems to be dead already – the download link just leads to a blank page 🙁

    I currently have Norton Internet Security on here (yeah.. I know) but I can’t decided which set of Firewall/AV/Adblocker I want to download. Opinion is very split…


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