Welsh venue, world claims ?


Every religious tradition has in fact denigrated women and seen them as second-class citizens in the past.

Really ? ALL of them ? I cannot believe that is true. Every religious tradition – that’s one hell of a lot. I think he’s at best using a blanket term because he cannot be bothered to check, at worst lying through his teeth and in the middle somewhere is chauvanistic. But let’s say he is right. Let’s say that the Archbishop’s church (and by definition all it’s teaching and conduct) has indeed been in line with all those other “religious traditions”. Effectively what the Archbishop has done is the same behaviour that a naughty schoolboy caught with his friends in the middle of some misdemeanour engages in – “He was doing it too Miss“. Shifting the blame, moving the focus, dodging the issue.

For those that preach forgiveness, why do Church Leaders have such a major problem with the 5 letters that spell out S O R R Y ?

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