TC – Ultrastupid

Tom “Alleviating global problems with every glinting smile” Cruise has bought an ultrasound machine to monitor his incubator’s wife’s girlfriend’s pregnancy. So he can save the world on film, he wants to save the world with his pearly whites and now he has added the skills necessary to use and decipher all the information that can be discovered using the ultrasound technique. What’s he doing with it ? Send pulses at frequencies and intervals that good’ole L.Ron said would help the baby grow into a ‘good little scientologist’ ? Because of course whatever that child wants, Tom will never let it use it’s own judgement with regard particularly to any spiritual development will he – cult members never do. Back to the machine …. isn’t this a case of “I’ve got more money than you” or “What can I get that the breeding set in Hollywood have not yet got ?” or “Let’s make the world a better place by donating a secondhand ultrasound machine that has been touched by Tom!!!” or just plain stupidity ?

3 thoughts on “TC – Ultrastupid

  1. I would guess that Tommy has a geek that can program the ultrasound waves to send information to the fetus so that the entire knowledgebase of the world will have been implanted in the child prior to birth.

    “One Cruise to Rule Them All…”

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