There are no echoes

So digging around in the database and deleting what is just junk in there and I still have a working blog. Maybe I’m learning something. And I’ve deleted about 6 databases, many testing directories – didn’t I get for that ? – and slimmed everything down to what’s running and nothing else.

Over the last two days I’ve also tried the Knoppix and Ubuntu Live CD’s. Neither can get my network card working, but Knoppix looks nicer. None of that brown nonsense. Still don’t think I’ll ever switch but it might happen …..

In our garden we have a visiting grey squirrel, a fox and a pheasant. One day I’ll get round to taking my camera to be fixed and then I’ll take some pictures. Not that you’ve not seen these things before I know, but why not.

Skippy just popped this link into #wordpress: 42 HHGTTG mini games. Addictive little things.

In a shop the other day a woman looked at my ears and asked if they were real holes. I said yes and poked my thumbs through the steel tunnels in them. “Oh” she says “Do they close up when you take the metal out ?” Durrrrr… and talking of bodyart I really want to redo the whole abody gallery setup. I’m beginning to really dislike the main gallery code and the way it’s setup but I’m not sure quite where to go to replace what is essentially functional code. And it’s a lot of images so I don’t want to do it twice.

And I’m not over yesterday yet. Not that I thought I would be. Take more photos. Now. They matter.

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