Foose School, Harrisburg

Coming soon ! A feature on an employee of the above school. If you are involved with that school, employed by that school or the school board or are a parent of a child attending that school then you may well be interested in the activities of an art teacher there. After all, if you are putting the care and welfare of your child into the hands of another, shouldn’t you be completely confident in that person’s abilities and attitudes ? I think you should, which is why I will assemble some infomation which may be of interest to you.

As I mentioned above, there is a teacher at Foose School who I – as a parent – would be deeply unhappy to have teaching a child of mine. Here is why (all the ‘source’ links lead to Usenet and are text only. Other links should be considered Not Safe For Work):

I’m open and honest about my life and my posting habits.

Everything quoted here was written by this teacher on Usenet – a fully searchable index of posts that is owned by Google.

Really? From what I’ve read, it seems Christ was heavy into scarification and suspension.

Is this the attitude of a teacher ? Is this the attitude of someone who should be educating children or even in charge of children ? Is a parent who believes in Christianity comfortable with this ?

>I don’t need to attend church to prove my faith.
Not approaching it from that angle. You’re not proving your faith, you’re building contacts. Networking. Meeting people who will take interest in you, take you under their wing, offer you a job? Yeah.

So he now says he does not go to church to worship, but to network. So he believes that Christ was into suspension and scarification and now admits to going to church just to make contacts with others. What does he believe ? Does this bring his religious values – and therefore the effect this would have on those young people in his charge – into question ? What does he say when the subject of Christian religion comes up ? How does he conduct himself in times of Christian festivals ?

On females, Curt James says:

Yep, pussy, pussy, pussy. My ideal is a girl with thick hair, around 5-7, 39-34-42 (go ghetto booty!), blue eyes who loves receiving oral sex and prefers it Snoop Doggie Dog-style.

Thought this URL may be of interest to some here:
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then he adds
I had issues 2 through 7 or 8. Did a Google search and found additional issues as well as:
Cool John Howard info.
And, from there (click on _Price List_):

he invites others to read a porn site
Yeah, because I’m all about bodyart.
Navel piercings, ass antlers, earrings. Yup.

and in a thread about the infamous Janet Jackson Superbowl incident:
> Every breast and every nipple and every dark area
> (areola) around the nipple vary somewhat from male
> to male and female to female.
Not sure that that’s even true. There are many nipples that are similar as well. You’re not “reading” the right magazines, viewing the right Web sites, or hanging in the right circles apparently.
source / source / source / source

Hi. I’m Erica. I haven’t posted here in, um, seconds. Maybe it’s been minutes.

Changing his name to get around killfiles – from what I have read many many people have this teacher blocked in their newsreader because of his attitudes, abuse and sheer volume of inane postings. So he chooses to thwart them and keep annoying them. I believe acting maturely should be a key principal of those in charge of impressionable minds.

I have to say that if ANY teacher at a school my children went to posted this sort of material I would contact the Headteacher to discuss matters in detail. But then about the children in his class he says

sometimes I was thinking how creative at being a brat

then tells the parents otherwise. He is not telling parents the truth about their own children.

Are you happy that Curt James is in charge of your children ? Around your children ? To be a role model for those in his charge ? I would not be – but how you choose to use this information is up to you. They are your children.

I want to make something very clear – nothing in this post is fabricated. It has all been posted by Curt James to the internet. I am not slandering him. I am not calling the reputation of either Foose School or it’s other teachers into question – I am sure they are well thought of. What does amaze me is that such a school chooses to employ someone like Curt James and allow him such close contact with their – your – children.
Would you ?

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