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In September, I did a small comparison of feeds. Back then, I liked Feedster, Blogdigger got no splogs and Technorati came in third out of the four. Since then Google has popped up, so I ran a feed looking for “podz” on the 4 engines just mentioned. This is a huge image to try and show some results from FeedDemon:

Some notes:

  • The spelling mistake in the Feedster list was present on my site for probably less than 2 minutes. They have a quick bot.
  • Feedster is the only one to find the trac reference
  • Feedster is the only one finding comment references
  • Technorati seems to like the foreign feeds, so given that if I’m searching for something I want to read about it, it’s service is not for me
  • The amount of sploggers in the feeds seems to have dropped which is a good thing

There are probably other things that could be drawn from the above, and it hardly counts as a comprehensive survey, but it does mean that when I want to search blogs there is only one place to go: Feedster

5 thoughts on “More on feeds

  1. The one thing I like about Feedster

    “A lot of your results were from Blogspot … would you like to remove all Blogspot results from this search?”

    Fantastic as Blogspot if a haven for splogs. Easiest thing to do is exclude them to keep the crap down to a minimum.

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