Blair knows best. Again.

Prime Minister Tony Blair is still opposed to the death penalty, his official spokesman has insisted.

However, the prime minister’s official spokesman said: “The government’s view is still against the death penalty – other people are entitled to their views.”

It’s about time this country had a referendum on the Death Penalty. I favour it, always have. We now have the tools available to forensic science, coupled with other technologies that can – along maybe even with a confession – that when taken together can absolutely determine the guilt of someone. If we are certain, then why not take their lives ? If we are going to lock them into the judicial system – which is there for the purposes of “rehabilitation” – yet they have no chance of release – there are a number of such prisoners – then why are we paying to keep them alive ? Why are we making them live such a constricted life when they have no chance of release and they know that ? Is that not cruelty ? Is it more cruel to kill them ? Is it morally less repugnant to lock someone into a space for an amount of time that were that an animal we would have the animal rights people / RSPCA going nuts about it ? Could we not even offer a person the option of the death penalty rather than being locked up for the rest of their natural life ? (Which is a non-option seeing as that’s a path to govt-sanctioned euthanasia but at a cost of another life).
Where is the problem with the Death Penalty ? What is the problem with letting the voters of this country decide on this subject ? Wasn’t Blair et al elected to serve us ? Isn’t it his duty to allow us to determine how are country is run ? Why is it right for Blair to decide – wrongly and based on lies – to send many innocent men to another country to die but it’s wrong for him to allow millions of people to decide for themselves whether or not we should kill those that have demonstrated that they cannot handle the responsibility of living in society ? Blair is – like previous PM’s – terrified that his reputation will be tarnished by allowing the people to decide on this subject. He dismisses the populist opinion simply because it does not match his and because he will use claims about his religious beliefs and other such garbage. Strange that he will carp on about the fact we live in a multi-cultural society and that we should all respect that but when it comes down to anything he deems as ‘moral’ or ‘ethical’ that his version of christianity is the only way to go. If a tenth of that number felt strongly about another issue which he wanted, he’d support this.

Whether or not you agree with the Death Penalty, it IS the right thing to do to have a referendum and following the result of that – when it is voted in – to build all the approriate safeguards to the satisfaction of all concerned.


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  1. hahahaha…

    Man you have a lot more faith in modern policing and justice than I do. The number of problems with the death penalty, and the number of people who get sentanced to it in the states who are later proved (by apeal, or much later) to have been innocent… is huge.

    And even if, IF, you could guarentee they were guilty what gives us the right to kill them? This is especially hypocrital in the case of murder because effectively you are saying “You can’t kill people.. so.. we’re going to kill you.” which makes no sense.

    Wasn’t Blair et al elected to serve us ?

    actually no. He wasn’t. He was elected to serve the countries best interest. It’s a common misconception that politians should serve us. We elect who we think will best serve the countries interests. Us as a whole. If you want the average man deciding what’s right in a mob mentality — that’s a different form of government entirely.

    The government shouldn’t have to have a referendum about everything, but that’s what everyone seems to call for. It’s retarded.

    As for Death Penalty vs Iraq/War – two different issues. In one you have a pool of people that have decided to take the risk that they could be deployed and killed (Iraq or not, people die in the military all the time). The other is state sponsored murder/revenge.

    I agree that the prison system is broken. It needs to be totally re-thought. It was just a victorian way of shutting away the parts of society it didn’t want to have. It didn’t work so well then at stopping crime, it doesn’t now. However culling the prison population isn’t the solution.

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