MAME: Small and perfectly formed.

Partly inspired by a footnote over at Phu’s blog and partly because I want some decent games to play for a change, I downloaded the latest MAME version. We’ve got MAME on the other machine, and it weighs in a 8gig (that’s without all the CHD games) and on top of that are the titles, snaps, marquees. Big. The latest complete rom set probably runs to over 20gig. Big download. (Edit: The actual MAME download that you need to play is just 6.7MB) So finding Rom World was a bit of a gem. Just those roms that I want and nothing else 🙂 But I should warn you – some of the numbers are scary:
Mooncresta 10KB
Flicky 57KB
Galaxian 11KB
and even the eye-candy stuffed Parodius is only 1318KB.

It’s called gameplay

One thought on “MAME: Small and perfectly formed.

  1. I guess I am officially old-school in that I can remember, have played and loved every one of those games which you’ve screenshotted.

    BTW, if nothing else, I urge everyone to give Flicky a serious go.

    It’s called gameplay

    I cannot agree more… dammit, I am getting old…

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