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(I’m told that I didn’t say anything about the release of WordPress 2.0 Beta-1 so I shall now. Don’t use it on your main blog, and if you want to see just what it looks like from the inside – because it will look exactly the same on the outside – I’ll update a couple of test blogs I have so just ask 🙂 )

(I still think just the logo was classier…)

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  3. *sigh*

    But it’s not really a 2.0. I knew that it would be version jumped. Oh well. I’d have put it at a 1.7 or so. There are some great under the hood changes but most of the changes are cosmetic.. at least in scope.

    I guess it’ll get more publicity for the larger leap though.

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  5. Most of the changes are cosmetic? Huh? :^)

    I’m running with it on my Area51 site. Had a slight bump during the upgrade, but it seems to have sorted itself out. It’s a much better backend, to be sure.

    Askismet is also included as a default plugin, although you still need to get an API key to use it.

  6. Craig – I should restate – most of the changes seem to be related to the front end. Especially the admin interface. Feel free to correct me, I know there are some plugin and template differences too, but they seem minor.

    The core code is still slow and, without caching, easy to overload. The searching is still godawful. There are so many useful improvments that need to be made but are pushed aside.

    One of the things I want to do is just go through the WP code and play devils advocate: why is this here? Can it run any faster? Why the hell are there so many includes? etc etc.

    The reason I’m critical of it is because I like it, and want it to be good, overall the 2.0 release is disapointing. If it wasn’t free software then I wouldn’t be upgrading. But it is, and I can make a difference. So maybe it’s up to me (and everyone else)? Because it’s really not flying with me atm.

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