Do not spy on your kids

Just saw this in usenet:

I had perfect keylogger running fine on my computer, I use it to see what my teenage children are doing.

WHY ?? Why are you violating your children’s privacy ? Why do you not trust them ? Why will you not trust them now ? Would you like it if your boss was doing that to you ? If not, why assume your kids will like it ? Don’t you realise that when they find this out – because they WILL – they will think so much less of you because of it ? Don’t you realise that the “I’m only doing it to protect you” argument is a steaming pile because by the time you have checked your damn logger the ‘damage’ has been done ? Would you mind if they keylogged you ? If yes, why ? And why do those reasons not apply to them ? You are doing this not out of some innocent interest but more out of a need to spy, gain knowledge furtively, use that knowledge for your own ends, to control, and to find something to use on or against your child. And I hope they google your name Mr John Dredla.

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