The taxman was wrong

A couple of you know that a few years ago, we had the disastrous experience of being one of the first people who were pushed through the Tax Credit system. It went wrong, very wrong and they took money away, not gave it. This put us under huge financial pressure and we started fighting what was obviously an error. We even made the papers. Everyone said that the system was right, and by everyone I mean the local taxman, our MP, the Paymaster General (Dawn Primarolo you lied). J does not give up though, and yesterday finally got someone to admit that they had got it badly wrong. They had taken £50 a week off us. For over 3 years. Wrongly. And they are thinking about if they should pay us the money back. Only thinking about it. No promises. No guarantees. <sarcasm>That’s nice</sarcasm>

5 thoughts on “The taxman was wrong

  1. Surely if they have admitted (in writing I hope) that they took money in error (and therefore illegally) they are obliged to pay it back and of course they also owe you interest on the full sum for the periods that they were *ahem* minding it for you 🙂

  2. If anything they should be fretting about you suing for all the distress and hardship it must have caused you!

    Typical isn’t it, you make a mistake they come down on you like a ton of bricks, they make one and they act like they’re doing you a favour to correct it. They’re a joke.

  3. Did you see the BBC watchdog program on Monday evening about this ? An absolute shambles to say the least. I sincerely hope you get YOUR money back with interest, as for compensation? well the woman featured on watchdog was offered a mere £200.00! They had taken over £9,000.00 from her.She had to sell her home.

  4. Nothing in writing, though a couple of events along the way go a long way to explaining why we did things that without certain advice made no sense whatsoever.
    Will they give us the money ? No idea, but past experience says they will not. That’s annoying not so much because of the cash amount, but because J needs the electric wheelchair thing and it’s proving impossible to save cash (time of the year and all that).

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