Second Class to Space please..

The ashes of Star Trek’s Scotty were due to be blasted into space but technical hitches have delayed the event. Reading the story though, I was struck by this sentence:

There are two price plans for the flight from the Vandenberg Air Force Base, $995 (£579) and $5,300 (£3,082).

Two ? Why ? Without wanting to sound disrespectful to the dead, why two ? The rocket is the same. The destination is the same. There is no need for in-flight amenities (cue possible jokes about films / music) so why two price plans ? It’s a huge difference between the prices as well…
– wanders off to the company website –

Gets odder. It seems you can only send a ‘cremated remains sample‘ of the ashes. The rest is just too weird for description and begs the question – who believes this junk ? It’s not like you can ask for a refund, or check on ANY aspect of results-based performance is it ? Bizarre.

4 thoughts on “Second Class to Space please..

  1. You get to send more of the ashes into space with the pricey plan. Not said (for obvious reasons) but you’re left with the majority of the ashes to get rid of … er, I mean, er bury or something. So you’re really just sending an arm into space 🙂 Oh and you get a commemorative plaque! Oh reading it they give you an option to scatter the remainder at the site when you’re there if you pay the extra. Mebbe you could scatter the ashes in the similar vein of the lads in ‘The Great Escape’? Put the leftovers of Uncle Peter down yer trouser legs and then kick your heels around a bit?

    I looked for a Mars option but it isn’t there. I’d want to be launched to land on the bit of Mars I own (thanks to MBH and her present giving ideas).

  2. “A professionally produced video or DVD of the launch and associated activities is delivered after the launch event”

    Associated activities? The obligatory family drunken punch up at the wake?
    Hey, lets all sit down and watch the DVD of the day we shot 7g of uncle arthurs remains into space.

    And you can have results based performance!

    “Performance assurance means that in the event the orbit is not reached, you will have the option for a priority re-flight, at no additional cost, on the next scheduled Space Services Inc. launch.”


    Love, Jo. Off sick with a cold. Again.

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