Buy a Sony artist ? No thanks.

Wired News are reporting the Real Story of the Rogue Rootkit. So you can’t trust Sony – Sory seems to be the hardest word – you can’t trust M$ (but since when did we ever, and that’s as a happy XP user) and we cannot trust the Antivirus companies. Sony are breaking the law and others are at least not condeming their actions. This is about the time you find an ISP that offers a full usenet feed, and that you explore the world of torrents. Now why would an artist stay with Sony ? George Michael tried to leave but even he came back to the company he accused of professional slavery. It would seem that they want – and you can bet that other companies are watching this very closely indeed – our computers to be slaves to their needs. And every artist that stays with Sony is both agreeing that this is the correct form of action and is about to see more Sony products (that’s their music, their income, Sony’s profit) staying in the stores while downloads from usenet and torrents rocket. I don’t see a problem with that..

3 thoughts on “Buy a Sony artist ? No thanks.

  1. Having read the article I can see your point. Couldn’t tell you if any of the antivirus programs I use can deal with it, as I don’t have any sony disks to try against… and i’m certainly not going out and buying one.

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