Information should be free

It seems that China is blocked from the WordPress Codex, but my site is not yet deemed by those in Beijing to be subversive enough to warrant adding to their firewalls. This means that people who are blocked can download codex from here. But those documents were last updated on 6-8 August which is quite some time ago now, and outdated information is worse than useless. So to that end I have started the process of updating each and every document – that’s around 240 files to work through. I am also noting on the relevant page when the document was last checked. This means you do not have to download the PDF just to see when it was last changed. I have no idea how long it will take but I’ll chug away at it until it is complete and try to stay ahead of the recent changes too. That’s one part.

The second part is the files themselves. The contents of the PDF files – and the original .odt (OpenOffice) files – are covered by the GPL. That means I could do what I have and a whole bunch of other stuff which doesn’t affect me as I’m neither selling them or pretending they are mine. But the files are still in one place. I want people to hotlink to those files**. I want people to copy those files and host them elsewhere. This information is only any good if someone is reading it – and the more people linking and hosting the more people can read it. Yes ? If you would drop me a line and tell me if you are doing this, that would be great but there is nothing else you must do. Just tell people that you can read Codex, and where to read it.

Download Codex:

Hotlink to:

** You can ONLY hotlink to the directory. You CANNOT hotlink to anything else on there or on this domain.

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