Troglodytes and Smoke

We get to the Bowling place and into our lane fairly quickly given it was really busy. Couple of ball (?) into the game, a guy, his wife (I assume) and their child take over the next lane – we are sharing the ball rack / computer / standing areas. He sits down with a huge box of chips and starts to eat them. Eat is a very polite word for what he was doing. He was literally grabbing a handful, putting them to his mouth and eating / pushing the entire mass into his face. When he’d done that, he’d grab another pawful. Did he stop for breath ? Not that I noticed. Was he aware of his surroundings ? I don’t think so. Was his wife attractive ? Yes – so what in hell she was seeing in this animal was beyond me. (Maybe he was – I know what you are thinking – but to act this way in public ?). He finishes the food. He has grease over his hands and face. He wipes his hands on his wool jumper, then his face on the sleeves. And THEN, when he misses the pins and it falls into the gutter, he starts looking at his fingers and flexing them ! Like some sudden tendon injury has caused this apparent loss of face. You have no idea how pleased I was when he left.

Anyway, scores – I lost the first game to the birthday girl – as you do. Nothing at all to do with me trying too hard then trying even harder and making a complete mess. Oh no. But I won the second comfortably. phew ! Meal was okay despite them running out of ciabbata. The birthday cake was wonderful and I would really like to describe how I set out the fireworks, how I set them off and how amazed I was that each did not set the other off, but impressionable minds could read this and think it was clever to do what I did. We are all here and unscarred 🙂

Now to try and find a music video.

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