Ripping and Freeware

So now I’ve got the space I’m ripping loads of CD’s – some of which I had forgotten I had – ready to be playlisted into the mp3 player. Though I’m not so sure about playlists – I seem to only hear the first few tracks and get bored (except for Southern Sun) so maybe random is the way to go.

I’ve updated my list of freeware I use. Apart from the OS and Paint Shop Pro / FeedDemon which I bought I don’t think I use any paid-for software so if you use Windows it may be worth a look.

And Neil emailed me last night to say that the work on my sleeves can start soon. I mentioned it a long time ago but then we both got busy / forgot / other reasons so I’m hoping that this time next week I’ll have some hours work on an arm. No online pictures though.

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