Mr Wall

Today is the day that D brings her first proper boyfriend to meet us. I’ve always (jokingly) said that no-one is going to touch my little girl but now she’s growing up of course there is nothing I can do about it. When she told us that he was coming round, I told her that I would have to introduce him to Mr Wall. Later I said that I wouldn’t do that …. at least not until he’d met Mr Bat 😉 Anyway, he’s nervous because he’s worried about what I’ll do – which is all D’s fault as I’ve not met him – D is probably a little anxious because she has no idea how I will react (I have debated lobbing some condoms toward them with a nod and a wink – but have been dissuaded) – and we are of course keen to make a good impression for him. I don’t know who is the most worried !

5 thoughts on “Mr Wall

  1. First and foremost please don’t do like my dad used to do. “Would you like to see my gun collection”

    The condom thing will just embarrass the hell out of both of them.

    Just act like you are meeting one of her girlfriends for the first time. Mark, you are a big guy. You won’t have to do a thing to get your point across.


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