A drive

The drive that was clunking I sent back to the company for replacement. I did that Tuesday. Yesterday I hassled them with emails (this was around 1pm) and they said they’d mail me the drive today. I had to send a mail to check that this morning. Before I sent it back though I made a tiny tiny scratch on the drive casing so I can check to see if they’ve just returned what I sent. I’m also going to use some freeware to explore the drive once I hook it up – I want to see no data, not mine or someone else’s. IF it’s all okay, I’ll not yell about them. If.

I finally got fed up of the supreme ugliness elsewhere on the domain and threw it all into this css. Lazy ? Certainly. More pleasant on the eye ? Oh yes.

And right now I have a packet of McVities Caramel Milk Chocolate Biscuits which is yelling for me. I may be some time …. 🙂

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