She’s a hypocrite

I linked to this Guardian article earlier:

Mrs Axon, who stresses that her own daughters Joy and Amber have not sought abortions and that she is bringing the case on principle

“On principle”
Makes her seem concerned for the public good doesn’t it ?

Today, the BBC reports this:

Her lawyer confirmed that her eldest daughter Joy, 16, is expecting a baby.

Now Mrs Axon wants to be told if the child is under 16. Now if her daughter got pregnant when she was 16, why the fuss ? Or does it mean that her daughter broke the law by having sex when she was 15 ?
Her daughter breaks the law and she wants to remove the right to privacy from every child in the land ? Parenting. Lack of. Failure. Guilt. They are the words that spring to my mind.

Oh, and it’s nice of you to expose your daughter to all this attention. I bet you are a wonderful mum.

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