That issue again

Family discussion over the evening meal, though mention had been made yesterday.
D completely disagrees with me. Totally. Under 16 ? Pregnant ? Your parents own you she says. Weird 🙂

And on that issue, it’s not just abortion. Oh no. “parents have a “right to know” about sexual health advice and treatment given to their underage children”. Advice ? So if a child knows that asking for advice means their parents get to know, they won’t ask will they ? And if they don’t ask does this strange woman think that their behaviour will change ? Will it hell – all this woman seems to want is to make life worse for kids.

2 thoughts on “That issue again

  1. All hail the internet!

    If you can sift the crap you can find solice just about anyplace.

    It took me a long long long time to work out that my body is mine.
    I think it was mine when I was a child too.

    I don’t understand how people can ever think that ignorance is protection.

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