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I’ve been trying Evernote as an information manager. Seemed okay, backed up to a usb drive .. but trying to restore it after the reinstall did not work unless I created a new db and imported – which made a nonsense of ‘Restore’. Today I tried to export a file – nope. That’s a no go too. I tried to force a backup. No. It seems to work for some but not for me. Hmm… Installed Ruby and Instiki on my machine. I really like Instiki but I ran into two problems: 1 – I would have to dig around to force it to make a backup to the USB drive, 2 – Exporting made the computer exude a high-pitched sound for ~10 seconds. Neither of these I liked. As the only option left Dokuwiki is now installed and locked securely online. Not quite my preferred solution but it’s available and backupable very easily – and that’s important.

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  1. Hey Mark,

    I know you’d used Doku in the past, and have been meaning to drop a line about it. Do you happen to have any install notes/tips? Every time I’ve tried to install it (following the offical docs) I end up with a blank screen for the main page. If not, I’ll play around with Instiki. I do have a textdrive account with it installed, but I’d rather have a php-based (serverside) solution for now.


    PS..I swear that the only reason I keep coming back is the hope of news of Tom Cruise’s latest outrages. Your comments on said topic always make me grin. 🙂

  2. Hi !
    I don’t recall any major problems with Dokuwiki except permissions – lots of colours when that happens.
    I just did a new install – since I started the comment:
    – download
    – unzip
    – upload
    – make ‘changes.log’ in the /data dir and chmod 666
    – go to and all seems fine.

    I do all this without any command-line nonsense. Maybe you had a corrupted download ?

    and T “gonna save the world” C ? He’s a dickhead 🙂

  3. Sorry for the delay in responding, and thanks for the tips. However, I’ve tried multiple installs with the same results (blank front page). I’d like to believe I’m not a *complete* idiot, but sometimes, software makes you wonder… 🙂

    That said, I’ll give it another go. I’d really like to use Hieraki (hieraki dot org, in case you haven’t seen it) but it’s a Rails app, and although I have Rails with my Textdrive account, I can’t seem to wrap my head around how to install the damn things.

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