Some men are really stupid.

That post below about men’s (ill)health is due to many things, and I’m sure one of those is the fact that Men don’t complain. Men take it on the chin. Men put up with things the weaker sex could not endure. Men do not have health problems. Men have no soft side to their emotions. Men who do anything less are weak and to be reviled. What complete crap that is.
Story from the BBC last week about a Court Martial – If I wasn’t a man, I probably would have cried. That soldier is a brave guy and what he has been through I do not envy, but that single statement damages so much. Is his child going to grow up thinking that ‘Real men’ don’t cry ? How many other feelings should a Man repress ? All but the violent and hard drinking stuff ? (I didn’t say the sex of the child did I ?) I’m a bloke. I’m a regular sort of guy (almost). I spent nearly the whole of one day last week crying because I thought my cat would need to be put to sleep. I cried. You want to stand right in front of me and tell me I’m some sort of pussy for crying ? Dare you.

Real men say it like it is. So do Real women. Anyone else is talking bollocks.

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  1. I think that’s a macho thing promoted by the military. Soldiers have to be “tough,” otherwise how can they soldier on? It helps them survive a stint at the front, but it can mess up everything else.

    Civilian life is much more relaxed about men’s emotions. It’s okay for a civilian to cry about things like putting his cat to sleep, or at least here it is in So Cal suburbia. However, if a man’s involved in an abnormally agressive group (like a gang) crying is seen as a weakness.

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