XP Reinstall

Done earlier than planned today and screwed by me not first getting the right Belkin driver. Here’s a FREE clue to Belkin: If you want to be seen as a decent company with decent products, then pay more than you paid the monkey who coded all those 404’s into your ugly site.
Information lost this time: Firefox bookmarks. XChat logs (though the most important bits are already in a draft post just waiting for publication). FileZilla xml file (but I’d copied that a couple of days ago).
Now to clear the registry and some (really) non-essential fluff from various folders.

One thought on “XP Reinstall

  1. Coincidence….I reinstalled on Friday afternoon, to coincide with the build and install of Jaynes new system, and the delivery of my new monitor. Only thing I forgot to back up was the data file for my lottery syndicate checker.

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