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In the early days of WP here, spam tended to hit older posts. One solution was a hack (my-hacks.php …. ahh..) that closed comments on posts after a certain amount of time. That was quite good. But then along comes IOerror and his Bad behaviour plugin. Coupled with Spam Karma 2 from drDave means that now, no matter what the stiffy merchants throw at us, we can keep them at bay. And comments open. Which is my point. I have taken to getting an email everytime I get a comment. I did this because I noticed I was getting real comments on old posts, and there’s no shortage of posts. It’s wierd because as I have no focus on this blog, and I have a not great recall, I’ll see a comment, think ‘eh ??’, look at the title of the post in the email and think ‘EH ??’, click through, think “OOoooohhh” – and I then wonder both why I wrote what I did, and why they felt the need to comment. Not that it isn’t nice, but sometimes it’s like a copper saying to you “And where were you 6 months ago, it was a Tuesday, about 7pm ?” (Yep, had that happen too. Couple of times). Do you see what I mean ? New comments on forgotten old posts are weird. They are actually very very welcome though simply because most of the time they DO make me wonder why I said what I did.

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