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So I lost all my bookmarks – and I’m not in the slightest bit bothered. And that’s probably because I value my feeds much higher these days. Links I can get anywhere – I’ve already followed the blog trail and added those to bookmarks. CPanels are there and that’s about it. From heaven knows how many to about 40. Feeds rule 🙂

Reinstalling is just about complete. Odd, I reinstall to get a clean machine and then I start filling it up again with the same stuff. I tried The Gimp again – nothankyouverymuch. Intuitive ? Pah. I’ll stick with my (paid-for) Paint Shop pro.

Question – does an external HD need a fan ? The fan in mine was noisy so I’ve disconnected it and while the casing doesn’t get hot, it does get warm. The drive is only on for relatively short times (couple of hours ?) so does it need one ? Should I be legging it down to Maplins to buy a quieter model ? Advice gratefully rec’d.

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  1. Shouldnt need one, unless its one of the 10,000 rpm raptor drives, which only come in small capacitys anyway. Put it this way, theres 2 drives in my machine, both have been running without fault for the best part of 5 years, and neither of them have really got any kind of cooling on them. Leave it disconnected, if the drive suddenly starts throwing errors at you, reconnect it.

  2. you shouldn’t keep external HDD connected for long periods nor you should use them for long periods on a stretch!! by long periods, I mean anything longer than 3 hours!! I got a Seagate 7200RPM 160GB drive & put it in a USB casing. But when I used it for any longer than 2.5-3 hours, it started throwing up read/write errors etc. my hardware guy told me not to keep it connected for long periods. now I don’t use it for more than 30-40 minutes at a stretch, its only for backups or when I’ve to carry lot of stuff somewhere(which ain’t often), & it works pretty cool without any problems!!

  3. I use mine permantly (external) and have no probs, or cooling…. it should be fine as you aren’t hitting it that hard -tho I do record audio on it, and that keeps it going pretty constantly for a couple hours, and still not over heat it…

  4. Amit Gupta: You are wrong. If it started thowing errors at you, you have a defective model. I use mine all the time. It’s connected all the time. I’ve had it on and connected for the better part of 2 years. Still works fine.

    It shouldn’t need a fan, but I’d leave it on, just because it’d be better for it. You could take it and get a replacement saying the fan is really loud and you think it’s defective.

  5. Cameron, I’ve had it checked at the Seagate service center, they also said the same thing, that using it continously for more than 3-4 hours when in a USB casing will give problems!! There’s a difference between keeping it connected & using it. When its connected, that doesn’t mean that its being used, since the PC stops using the HDD if you are not performing any Read/Write on the disk, that happens with the internal HDD as well. While using it means just that, that you are performing Read/Write on the HDD. The Seagate guys told me to be wary of using it for more than 3-4 hours continously, not keeping it connected, so I guess you can keep it connected but using it for a long stretch will give some problem, like you are copying some large chunks of data to & fro continuously!! when I got that error, I was transferring some 60GB of data to-&-fro which did take a lot of time!!

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