Random stuff.

Coca-cola are killing off Vanilla Coke. Bad bad move. I LOVE Diet Vanilla Coke. So I’m switching to Pepsi. Might not sound much but this family drinks lots of cola. Pepsi Cola that is.

I nearly joined IAM the other night. I have no idea why, but I did. If they took paypal, I’d have been in.

#wordpress-bugs. Why aren’t you there ? I am 🙂

The drive arrived. 152GB of shiny and quite noisy goodness. Like a lemon though I checked the box for compression and only wondered why it was taking so long to do stuff after I’d transferred a pile of info. So I’m reformatting and doing it again.

Tip of the day (which I may have said before): .DLL files are actually quite important. Their size belies their power and influence over many other gigs of data. Be nice to them 🙂 On that note I think I’ll be reinstalling XP later.

I bought some Poi at Alton Towers yesterday. At some point I will be responsible for concussing the cat or dog. I do not doubt that 🙂

ICQ spam – it’s just getting worse isn’t it ? Even though I’ve set it to pre-approve it still gets through. I wouldn’t mind but the porn pics information isn’t even that good.

SSX on Tour. I’m going back to SSX to remind myself that EA did, at one point, actually produce games. How to brEAk perfectly good games.

I was just googling something and came across “Does a McDonalds in a car count as a family dinner ?” Why would someone be even asking that ?

Interesting Question: Would you pay $5/month to use Google ? I wouldn’t. I had a scary moment earlier – went to Google to search and the page stopped loading halfway through and before adblock kicked in. I saw Ads ! <Baz Luhrmann> and boy are they ugly</Baz Luhrmann>

Caitlin says she isn’t gaining weight no matter what. I too, while on pretty much a regular diet am also not gaining weight. This is despite eating 3 – 4 giant mars bars a day, plus giant snickers and not being afraid to apply chocolate bicuits orally too. It’s a tough life 🙂

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  1. Did you buy fire poi? Or ordinary poi? Kiwi kids make their own. Scrunched up newspapers inside one leg of a stocking / half a pantihose. Tie a knot and hey presto.

    My daughter was in a performance Kapa Haka group once. She drove us mad with the continual poi work. We used to hide them from her. All that happened was she’d pinch the bits and pieces to make another set.

    I used to be quite handy with the short poi. The long poi are another story!

  2. Right. Last week I had ten minutes to grab a sandwich and Coke before returning to my three-hour summer class. The man who makes roll-ups did a quick BLT for me. I reached into the cooler and grabbed what looked like a Coke. Got back to the classroom. It was a “Vanilla Coke.” EEEeeiiiww! Who the hell needs vanilla syrup slime along with their BLT?

  3. @hers – just regular Poi. Spent some time in the garden last night and managed to get them flying to my sides / over my head / to the front with various degrees of overlap. Next task is getting both in the same direction 🙂

    @steph – VDC is one of the most wonderful drinks ever 🙂

  4. i love poi . its all i do after i get bk from school . ive bin experimenting with them and ive found that i can do a load of poi tricks on my sisters unicycle . at first i thought i would just fall off but the swing of arms keeps in rythem with the pedeling , i cant do vety many tricks but im still practesing , its the wickedest thing ever poi . what should the length be for the string bits inbetween the handle and the ball??? if you know pls tell me !

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