Sexism stinks

Ross Kemp hit by wife Rebekah Wade. On leaving the Police Station

“She looked rather sheepish and tired and was greeted with a spontaneous round of applause.”

What in HELL is THAT all about ? It’s okay for women to hit men then ? Yet if he had hit her, the papers would be after him, women would be calling him a bastard, calling for him to be sacked by the BBC, etc etc. This is sexism of the worst worst kind. Rebekah Wade ? You are a violent bitch who should be sacked. (src: The Times)

10 thoughts on “Sexism stinks

  1. C’mon now she’s not an evil bitch. She’s feisty and strong willed …

    Yeah I think that comment is bullshit as well.

    D’you know I actually heard Max Clifford (wanker) on the news last night saying he knew Rebekah Wade well and Kemp ‘Obviously deserved it’! I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. The Sun Office applauded when she got back as well. Can you imagine if that was Piers Morgan?

    It’s sickening.

  2. Must agree as well. Feminists always want equal rights, until they’re faced with jailtime for something, then they say “But I’m a woman!” and bullshit like that.

    If they’re gonna be that stupid, then they SHOULD not be allowed to vote and be forced to wait on guys hand and foot.

    The ones who don’t say that can be equal.

  3. well, this is everywhere!! you go in a store & a lady comes in after you, but she’s attended first since she’s a WOMAN!! then there’s the stupid phrase “ladies first”!! I would’ve killed that idiot atleast 100 times who coined that idiotic phrase!!

    then you find feminist groups calling for equal rights for women!! I mean. c’mon, its us men who should be fighting for equal rights & there should be welfare organisations for us guys, not the other way around, they don’t need any of it!! 🙁

  4. gpshewan, if being a gentleman means that one has to be a woman licker like you, then ofcourse I’m glad that I’m not one!!

    I don’t mind common courtsey shown to women & old people, I very much do that myself. What I don’t like is that even after this kind of courtsey etc., you’ve women rights organisations etc. calling for the heads of men & demanding equal rights!! I fail to understand, do they think that women have less rights or do they think that they have more rights & those should be reduced to par with those of men!!

    & hasn’t anyone thought of creating any Welfare Organisation for Men? 😉

  5. Amit – get a grip will you ?

    sure Mark, I was not insulting anyone(not even women), its just that guy who took pot shots on me!!
    I was just sort of extending on what you said, that there are quite a lot of things which women can get away with(besides hitting men) while guys pay a lot for that!!

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