FeedDemon. Excellent.

The $30 I spent on FeedDemon several months ago is by far the best money I have ever spent on any program. Used every single day it has – bar the odd hiccup – been superb, and with version 1.6 it’s getting even better.
It monitors which feeds you read, those that have not been updated and such, which is neat but I’ve not got a lot of use for, but the latest beta has a great function – find feeds. Last week or so I had a good clearout of my feeds and added a few, but only a few because I was adding after following links from other feeds / blogs / sites. That’s all well and good but there’s no randomness there, it’s all connected and because it’s all connected it’s all the same underneath. Geeks link to geeks, friends link to friends, everyone links to Random Acts of Reality 🙂 – or so it seems (damn fine blog though and Reynolds is a guy to be admired in my book). So, a feeds ‘lucky dip’ was missing. But now I have one 🙂
I put the word ‘bananas’ into the feed search (all within FD) and I get 9 feeds that involve bananas, ‘stupidity’ gets 44 feeds, ‘carrots’ gets 3 hits and ‘cake’ gets 30 hits. So if I’m after a term in particular or want to home in on a topic, FD gets just what I need. Lovely. On windows ? use feeds ? Go buy it.

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