A double event day

First: D threw her first sickie. She’s 15, on work experience and today didn’t go in 🙂 She started Monday (it’s a 2 week placement) and when she got back that day moaned that she’d done nothing, just been told to watch. Me and J nodded and said yep, that’s to be expected. Second day she gets back and moans that she was asked to make the tea. Me and J nodded and said yep, that’s to be expected. Later that night she talks about how everyone talks about each other – I introduced her to the phrase ‘Office Politics’. Then on Wednesday she comes back saying one of the vets had spent ages trying to talk her out of being a vet. We both said this was a Good Thing. The sickie was event one, and today’s happening lead to event two.
We all went to Alton Towers. The girls had done their homework and this week was ‘Adrenalin Week’ – get in for £10 and only the top 10 rides are open but there are no limits to rides. As the weekend would be crowded with lots of people, they figured that going on a schoolday would make for a better (less waiting / more rides) experience. So we went. And there, for the first time, J used a wheelchair. She hated it. There were very few people but she hated it, felt embarrassed, felt like her control had gone. She trusted me to push her around, but the experience from her pov was I guess humilating. This was despite bucketloads of reassurance and everything else positive. We took the chair back and spent most of time then in the coffee shop near the entrance. Gave us time for a good chat about lots of things – we got there ~11:45am and left ~17:15 – but yeah, could have been better. A day to note though.

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