Xampp and Ebay scammers

The WP Guides have had a small change. The Installing Xampp and WordPress has been updated partly because it needed to be done and also because Saturday is BugHunt day for 1.6 – and it’s totally recommnded to not use 1.6 on a live blog. Also the guides to finding phpMyAdmin have been moved out pf the backup page and now have a page of their own – which is here.

Ebay. I bought something. The drive in the entry below. I JUST got an email. It’ll be shipped tomorrow to get to me Friday (this is after I get a “Shipping today / tomorrow on a next day delivery!” message some 9 hours ago) – so why did I get a “Please leave feedback” link in ebay on monday morning first thing ? This some sort of “You scratch my back and I’ll then be nice ?”. The more I look at ebay the worse it seems. “1Gig USB Drive, only ONE penny!!!!!!!!!!!!! (postage £500) type bollocks. And they know this goes on but don’t give one. Last purchase from the scammers. One day I’ll mention decent companies on this blog instead of the f*cking tw*ts that I constatly seem to come across.

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