New HD

Should be getting a shiny new external HD tomorrow. At some point I’m going to have to reinstall XP on the machines (no, no ubuntu or other linux variant) and D. is starting to accumulate important data now. The chances therefore of obliterating something important increase – hence the need for an OS-free drive. I’ve told D that she will have a folder from which I will never ever ever delete anything at all. Of course teaching her to backup to it regularly is another issue – might have to set something up for that I think. And I’ve not decided how to break up the 160G – though it’ll be more like 148Gig (isn’t it really about time they sorted that stupid overselling thing out ?) – maybe in half ? Not that it matters hugely.

(Note: by “OS-free” I mean a drive without an OS actually present on it. I know that it will still be locked into Windows – but I’m happy with that. Positively delerious 🙂 )

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