SSX On Tour – not that good

I’m ranked 27th.

The collision detection is crap at times, appallingly crap. Trying to slide onto a rail sometimes results in a dead stop for no reason whatsoever. Type of board does not matter and I’ve tried this several times. It’s basically an unknown until you try to rail.

Courses such as Between the Sheets are less a track and more an obstacle course where you try and get on the logs and then hope you don’t fall off. So many bends and offshoots it’s impossible to remember.

The opposition – get 500m ahead and then two turns later you are 100m behind and even though you try and try no matter what, this happens.

Pressing Select to reset takes far far far too long.
Pressing Square to rebalance is also random. Sometimes it’s a few presses, sometimes applying a hammer drill to that button would not rescue you even though the animations are the same.

Shortcuts – are not. Hit them really fast and you overshoot the next log/fence/rail. Sometimes. Again seems to be more random than it should be.

Speed – no indication to repeating jumps / tricks is made all the harder. This reduces the game to guesswork and less precision gaming. Bad.

Race / Trick progress. Badly done. No explanation of what is a red slash / white slash / white star / gold star and saving then coming back does not always mean you face the next challenge that you did just before you saved.

Freeride. In SSX3 you could turn off the HUD, head to the top of the mountain and just glide down. Nice touch. In this freeride should be called “Do this a lot because otherwise you will never ever find the shortcuts”. When you are way ahead yet suddenly about to be 7th, you not only do not know where the others will appear from but also how they got to that point. Again, reduces what should be a game to something much less.

Memory card. On the PS2 it takes THREE accesses to the memcard before you can play. THREE! WTF is that all about ffs ?

The ONE redeeming feature is that some tracks (Iron Maiden / Motorhead) are cool.

SSX on Tour – has a LOT less going for it than any other in the series.

5 thoughts on “SSX On Tour – not that good

  1. Agreed. I dont think it comes anywhere near close to SSX3. New control system is crap, and the way the games structured, you never actually feel like your really achieving anything, just running race after race. At least with SSX3, winning races unlocked new courses and stuff, with this all it does is gives you a couple more races to choose from, on a load of courses youve already played through half a dozen times, with slightly harder opponents. I think they tried too hard to make something new and different to the rest of the series, and fucked it up. And there was no need for skis either, stick to the boards.

  2. I like the addition of the skiing, but the shortcut business is WAY too insane. When you blast out of the starting gate, you may get a big lead, but a few seconds later you realize about 3 opponents turned off onto some shortcut right out of the gate, and now you’re in 4th place with a lag of about 550 meters. I know **technically** that’s not cheating since you could hunt down the shortcuts and use them as well, but I would almost call it cheating since the AI knows where all of the shortcuts are and uses them to its full advantage. I had all of the powerup stats, best board, and everything in my favor and that still wasn’t enough to simply keep up with the AI opponents. In the end, the “harder” races aren’t really even races for technical merit.. they’re simply who can make the best use of cheats and shortcuts.

    No lie.. I had a few courses where you’re 1-on-1 with a character and saw the character disappear at a mountain and then saw their marker (the glowing red vertical line) appear on the other side of the mountain. Suddenly, the distance meter would jump up about 300 meters. I also saw characters blip through fences and obstacles that I collided with. I don’t mean fences that you could go around if you were skilled.. I mean fences that blocked off an entire section of mountain for a race. The computer opponents passed right through them like they weren’t even there and took the lead.

    The way it ranks your position must be screwed up, too. In 1-on-1 races, I had times where I was ranked 2nd when I passed the character, and times I was ranked 1st when I could see them in front of me.

    And the trick competitions… 400,000 to 900,000 points in one combo set??????? Not for joe-average game players like me.

    This game is just way too buggy and, for my two cents, just plain cheats.

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