My citizenship test.

From both The Times and The Independent:

  1. Where are the Geordie, Cockney, and Scouse dialects spoken?
    The North East (Newcastle mainly), London (East End) and Liverpool
  2. What are MPs?
    Members of Parliament. As for “What are MP’s” that would be a bunch of liars out to line their own pockets
  3. What is the Church of England and who is its head?
    A whole heap of hypocritical fools who are completely out of touch with normality. The head ? That’ll be the Queen.
  4. What is the Queen’s official role and what ceremonial duties does she have?
    Official role ? I haven’t a clue … to wear frumpy coats ? Ceremonial duties ? She knights people who have paid Tony Blair MP (see above) a lot of money
  5. Which TWO telephone numbers can be used to dial the emergency services? Choose from 112, 123, 555, 999
    I’m taking a guess here … 112 and 999 ? But then all the film people dial 555 so that could be true too !
  6. Do many children live in single parent families or step-families?
    What on EARTH has THAT got to do with citizenship ?

Did I pass ?

5 thoughts on “My citizenship test.

  1. I am going to take the test next week, so I am reading the book like I am in hell now. I don’t mind the test but what is annoying me is the fee of £34, I think it is a bit too much for 24 questions. I still need to buy a book for £9.99. I think the test is not really relevant to become British citizenship at all. Government is trying to earn money from people who wish to become British citizen. Why can’t they just public the papers and put in the public Library for people to read instead of having to buy a book. Why the test is not free of charge or cheaper than £34? My English is ok, I can read and I can write and I was able to get a degree from UK. I feel that reading this book to prepare for a British ness test, it is not only going to prove your understanding of English but it also will prove your memory too. My memory is bad and my head is spinning.

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