Co-ax puzzlement

I may have mentioned the useless TV signal we were getting downstairs in the house.
Aerial comes into roofspace. If that co-ax is connected directly to the TV in P’s room, the picture is perfect. If that co-ax is connected to the co-ax going down to the lounge, the signal is crap. The aerial socket in the dining area is also giving a crap signal. So … bad picture. There was a break in the co-ax in our bedroom which when I tried to use proper connectors gave me a shock (I did mention it – I just remembered). Anyway, useless picture continued downstairs. The other day a mate was round so we ran a new cable. It goes from the roofspace directly down into the lounge. The path was slightly odd – it went round a corner in the floor – but it’s one single co-ax cable from the roofspace to beside the TV – and now we have a perfect signal. Even Freeview works. The really wierd thing is that the socket in the dining area also now works – perfect signal – but we didn’t touch it. We have no clue even how it’s connected but it’s not from the roofspace and the cable we ran is untouched. Very odd indeed.

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