The daft domain

A few days ago I mentioned I’d bought a daft domain. I got it because of something that J said jokingly about me in the car one day and I laughingly said that I’d get the domain, not for a moment thinking it would be around as there are commercial products that carry my name (which I’ve been using both on and offline for over 23 years now) but it was there and I did get it. It serves very little purpose but it’s mine and I like it. And yes the image is huge (~180Kb) but who cares 🙂

4 thoughts on “The daft domain

  1. Yeah, I saw that linked on your WP support profile earlier. Yet another one to add to your big domain empire:)

    Out of interest though, what’s the background behind tamba2? You’ve chosen it for a few of your sites… is there a hidden meaning/importance behind the name?

  2. It’s the name of my cat 🙂
    She’s called Tamba and she’s the second cat with that name in the family. The first one was from my childhood. I tried to get ‘tamba’ but it’s the Twins And Multiple Births Assoc so i was stuck – hence Tamba2.
    I bought partly to grab the name and also because I needed a domain to play in and create stuff – it was getting tricky here knowing whose files were whose.
    And I also got PlanetMark because people ask where to link me – this gets them all !

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